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Route Survey

A survey verifies a cable route’s suitability, and gathers the additional detailed information required to undertake the final route engineering.

Ensuring a route's suitability and gathering comprehensive subsea data

A dedicated marine and land survey along the route corridor is used to validate the route and to gather the detailed information which enables the final route engineering to be undertaken. The route selected for survey is an output of the earlier Desk Top Study stage.

Defining the nature and topology of the seabed to ensure a cables integrity for the long-run

Using the most advanced techniques and equipment, the marine survey typically uses geophysical tools such as echosounders, sonar, sub-bottom profilers, and magnetometers, combined with geotechnical sampling to provide a comprehensive set of data which is charted and incorporated into our cable routing GIS software.

We increasingly use aerial drones and other unmanned platforms such as AUVs and ASV’s which can bring cost and technical advantages whilst lowering the survey’s carbon footprint too.

The survey data is interpreted and used to refine the cable route within the survey corridor. We complete burial assessments which help determine the best burial tools and cable protection measures for the system, combined with the knowledge gained from the Desktop Study on the likely sources and nature of risks to the cable.

On-site OceanIQ® survey representatives ensure the survey works meet the survey specification, to undertake in field routing decisions and engineering when required.

Depending on the hazard and risk levels there is sometimes a need to include a UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) survey at the marine survey stage and OceaniQ® have successfully completed UXO surveys for several projects in recent years.

Better understanding of subsea environments for fibre optic and power cable installations

Pentland Firth, Scotland – survey works for new power cable installation

Our survey contractors used an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ‘drone’ and an Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV). OceaniQ’s® adoption of this innovative solution meant a diver swim survey was not needed and this reduced the health and safety risk to the project and improved the resulting survey deliverables ahead of a new cable installation.

BT Scotland N.Ireland 3 & 4 – management of the cable route survey, burial assessment and UXO survey for 2 cables connecting the west coast of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

OceaniQ® completed this survey across a very challenging marine seabed environment. Through our careful approach to UXO risk management we successfully achieved a safe route through the Beaufort Dyke UXO dumping ground whilst ensuring the cable was installable, secure and maintainable over its design life. UXO gradiometer arrays were used along with visual surveys to overcome the UXO risks offshore. On land we used UXO drones to achieve full coverage over the intertidal area. Our careful specification of the survey allowed us to complete a very detailed boulder assessment to maximise the burial along the route which a more conventional survey spec would not have achieved.

Tampnet projects, North Sea cable route surveys and burial assessments for over 200km of inter-platform oil and gas connections

These surveys across multiple projects with Tampnet enable high bandwidth communications to major oil and gas operators on their offshore platforms and serve as the backbone for Tampnet’s 4G telecoms network in the North Sea. Our work in designing the survey specification, management and delivery of the surveys made sure the existing Oil and Gas infrastructure was accurately mapped. Our decision to include ROVs meant that the pipeline and other cables could be surveyed in additional detail so that safe and acceptable crossings designs could be engineered without additional work being needed.

Why choose OceanIQ?
Read our latest Route Survey case study with customer Xlinks.

“Xlinks chose OceanIQ to support us on our subsea routing research and LPA primarily due to their reputation and experienced team. For a project as ground-breaking and complex as the Morocco – UK Power Project, it’s vital that we work with partners who can deliver to our exacting standards,” Richard Hardy, Project Director at Xlinks.

Meet the Team

Stuart Wilson

Route Engineering and Survey Manager

Stuart Wilson

Route Engineering and Survey Manager

Stuart has almost 20 years of experience with Global Marine Group. He is an expert in cable route engineering, and runs the company’s internal training courses in desk top study, survey, route engineering, installation and maintenance considerations, and route engineering for offshore renewables and telecommunications.

Stuart’s career highlights include the project management of a 199km telecoms cable installation project linking Sovetskaya Gavan, Russia and linskij on Sakhalin Island across the gulf of Tartary and producing desk top studies or many leading worldwide submarine cable operators such as BT, Hibernia Atlantic, Cable and Wireless, and Reliance Globalcom.

Douglas Gray

Project Manager

Douglas Gray

Project Manager

Cherri-Ann Bones

Survey & Route Engineer

Cherri-Ann Bones

Survey & Route Engineer

Cherri joined the Global Marine Group in November 2020. Her primary responsibilities include reviewing survey data, survey and route engineering and assisting with burial and installation methodologies.

When undertaking survey and cable route engineering, Cherri particularly focuses on the hydrographic, geophysical and geotechnical data alongside an analysis of seabed hazards; items of potential UXO (pUXO) and seabed currents to engineer the optimum cable route for each project. Cable burial and on bottom stability assessments allow further engineering to produce final routes.

Cherri’s previous experience includes 15 years in the analysis of marine geophysical survey and engineering geology as a Geoscience Principal for a well-known marine survey company.

Key Stats

Delivered Surveys for 18 projects over a total of 2,146km in the last 10 years

99km of power cables and 2047km of telecoms

Surveyed 168 landing points across all surveys in last 10 years


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Global Marine has completed the initial subsea fibre-optic cable route survey scope for the Scottish Government’s Reaching 100% Programme (R100), being delivered by Openreach on behalf of BT. The project covers inter-island connections between Orkney, Shetland, and the Inner Hebrides as well as two connections back...

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In this discussion, OceanIQ’s experts Brian Perratt and Juliane Pätzold discuss the importance of subsea cable records storage and management, and the obstacles that clients and seabed users can face if data isn’t properly maintained. Records management is the systematic control of the creation, maintenance, use,...

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Global Marine Group signs the Neptune Declaration

Global Marine Group, along with over 450 other organiations have joined forces to help resolve the humanitarian crisis affecting seafarers globally. Global industry and human rights leaders, including A.P. Møller – Mærsk, BP, BW, Cargill, COSCO, DOW, Euronav, MISC Group, NYK, Rio Tinto, Shell, Trafigura, Unilever...

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The importance of subsea cable records management

Accurate and up-to-date data can help minimise project downtime and associated cost Having access to accurately mapped submarine cable routes has become essential following the increase in seabed usage from industries such as telecoms, renewable energy, oil & gas and resource mining. Records management is the...

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Technical Insight: Boulder Clearance Strategy at Danish Kriegers Flak Offshore Wind Farm – by Francis Dick

OceanIQ’s parent company, the Global Marine Group (GMG), was appointed by Vattenfall to deliver the route clearance and cable installation campaign at Danish Kriegers Flak, an offshore wind farm located in the Baltic Sea, southeast of Copenhagen. The new development consists of 72 turbines linked to...

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Mitch Cheney Appointed as Business Development Director at OceanIQ

OceanIQ is extremely excited to announce the appointment of Mitch Cheney as Business Development Director at OceanIQ. Mitch joins at an exciting time for the newly launched business unit and will be helping to take the business direct to market and identifying opportunities for significant market...

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Route Engineering: Planning for all eventualities

To connect a cable from one landing point to another is no mean feat, and one that is made more difficult due to the plethora of obstacles and challenges presented not only by the marine environment but by human hands too. Careful consideration of all the...

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Global Marine Group Launches OceanIQ Consultancy Business – utilising rich subsea data

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We’re growing our team

We’re looking for an Assistant Survey & Route Engineer to support in the technical aspects of cable survey tendering as well as marine survey delivery. The individual will assess and adjustment survey specifications to suit project needs so they optimise the ability to design submarine power...

Posted: 08/09/2020

Global Marine Awarded Desk Top Study for Singapore India Gateway Cable System

Global Marine, a leading provider of subsea fibre optic cable installation and maintenance solutions to the telecoms sector, and part of the Global Marine Group, has been awarded the Desk Top Study (DTS) for the Singapore India Gateway (SING) cable system by the system Purchasers. The...

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SEA-KIT USV successfully completes 22 days of offshore operations in the Atlantic Ocean

We’re pleased to share this exciting press release from SEA-KIT celebrating the return of an uncrewed USV following a 22 day mission in the Atlantic. The collaborative project which Global Marine Group were a part of has successfully demonstrated the potential for over-the-horizon, long endurance, remote...

Posted: 14/07/2020

Group Annual Awards 2020

We recently celebrated our annual awards to recognise some of the shining stars within our team right across the world. From over 130 peer nominations, we announced the winners in each of the 11 categories. Offshore Individual: John Gison Chief Officer, John, was chosen at the winner...

Posted: 10/07/2020

Work commences on SSEN’s Pentland Firth East cable replacement project

Global Offshore is pleased to share Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks’ latest press release regarding the start of works on this important cable replacement project. Following route survey, data collection and various studies completed by Global Offshore in 2019, our team are soon to begin the cable installation...

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International Women In Engineering Day 2020 – Serena Fleming

International Women in Engineering Day (#INWED20) takes place on 23 June with the theme of ‘Shape The World’. We hope by sharing some of Global Marine Group’s success stories, we can help to raise the profile of women engineers across the globe, and encourage more people...

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International Women In Engineering Day 2020 – Sheryl Ong

International Women in Engineering Day (#INWED20) takes place on 23 June with the theme of ‘Shape The World’. We hope by sharing some of Global Marine Group’s success stories, we can help to raise the profile of women engineers across the globe, and encourage more people...

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International Women In Engineering Day 2020 – Kaya Teare

(Centre in Photo) International Women in Engineering Day (#INWED20) takes place on 23 June with the theme of ‘Shape The World’. We hope by sharing some of Global Marine Group’s success stories, we can help to raise the profile of women engineers across the globe, and...

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Adapting to ensure a continuation of service during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect businesses and individuals globally, like everyone, we’ve been adapting as an organisation to ensure that we can continue to deliver important services to our valued customers, minimising the impact on their operations and projects.   We continue to follow UK and local Government guidelines...

Posted: 24/03/2020

Adapting to ensure a continuation of service: Our response to COVID-19

In light of recent developments and UK Government guidelines, we wanted to update our customers, suppliers and stakeholders about the measures we are taking to cope with the effects of COVID-19. We are following UK and local Government guidelines as well as public health advice as...

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J.F. Lehman & Company acquires Global Marine Group

Global Marine Group (“GMG” or the “Company”), a leading provider of subsea cable installation and maintenance services to the telecommunications, offshore renewables, utility and oil & gas markets worldwide, is pleased to announce an affiliate of J.F. Lehman & Company (“JFLCO”), a leading middle-market private equity...

Posted: 31/01/2020

HC2 Holdings Announces Definitive Agreement to Sell Global Marine Group, Excluding the HMN Joint Venture, for $250 Million

The Global Marine Group is extremely pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached between HC2 and J.F. Lehman & Company with regards to the 100% sale of the company.  The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions being met, and is expected to close...

Posted: 13/01/2020

Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition Launches to Accelerate Global Offshore Wind Capacity

An international Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition has been formed to advance sustainable deployment of ocean-based renewable energy and mitigate the harmful impacts of climate change. Ocean based renewable energy – such as offshore wind, floating solar, tidal and wave power – could meet nearly 10%...

Posted: 18/12/2019

Renewable energy’s rising stars win seats on RenewableUK’s new Shadow Board

Global Offshore is pleased to share RenewableUK’s latest press release regarding the appointment of a new Shadow Board, including our Director of Marketing, Gail Clark. RenewableUK is setting up a Shadow Board, made up of rising stars in the clean energy sector, to provide a greater range of...

Posted: 30/09/2019

Global Offshore to support the installation of critically important infrastructure across the Pentland Firth

Global Offshore, a leading provider of cable installation, repair and trenching services to the offshore renewables, utilities and oil & gas markets, will be working with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) on their Pentland Firth East power cable installation project. The Pentland Firth is a...

Posted: 18/07/2018

Nurturing the next generation of engineers

For the last couple of weeks, Megan, an A level student from Great Baddow High School in Chelmsford, has been undertaking work experience within our Engineering Team based at our Head Office. As an engineering organisation, we strongly advocate participation in STEM (science, technology, engineering and...