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Cable Fault Prediction Service

We use our historic data and understanding of subsea cables to help predict where faults are most likely to occur, helping you to pre-empt future maintenance requirements and maximise your cable systems uptime.

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Predict likely faults before they occur

Our service predicts the likely cause of faults across shallow and deep water, as well as where faults are likely to occur along the cable (including maritime zone and country). This service means you can save time and money by permitting and mitigating risks and planning ahead for the subsequent cost of repairs when a fault does occur.


Predicts the total number of annual faults across the lifetime of the cable


Predicted faults per year are broken down by likely cause, such as abrasion or third party activity


Details the likelihood of faults occurring along the cable route by geographical location


The number of expected faults within each country’s jurisdiction along the route and their location in territorial waters, contiguous zone or exclusive economic zone

Key features of our fault prediction service

Understanding where cable faults take place
Identify areas of high historical fault rates
Helps plan new cables in the lowest fault rate areas
View the fault density by cause e.g. fishing
Make informed decisions to maintenance requirements based on trends
GIS data layers based on the number of expected faults per km of cable per year
Innovative and unique to the industry – the first of its kind
Uses our Cable Fault Heat Map Database with over 6,500 historical external aggression faults
Complex analysis determines the predicted number of faults of the cable’s lifetime
Enable pre-emptive measures and planning to reduce system downtime following a failure
Helps pre-empt future maintenance requirements
Can produce bespoke reports to meet customer requirements, as well as consultancy

Historical Fault Information

OceanIQ utilises our wealth of historical fault information with our comprehensive global cable route database to generate a bespoke Fault Rate Prediction Report for our customers

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