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About OceanIQ®

Accurately assessing your subsea cable project to provide a complete analysis of the risks,
so you can minimise risk and maximise return.

Proud and long history

OceanIQ® delivers industry-leading subsea cable data, route engineering, permitting and survey services for subsea cable projects worldwide. The team’s support continues throughout the cable’s lifetime and aims to maximise the life and efficiency of live systems across the globe.

As part of the Global Marine Group, we have always been at the forefront of subsea innovation – from planning, laying and maintaining cables for the power and telecoms industries, to using our extensive knowledge and data to consult on projects and create world-class solutions in emerging markets.

OceanIQ® has detailed knowledge of 97% of all fibre optic cables laid worldwide, and 70% of power cables, enabling us to deliver accurate assessments for any subsea cable project across a range of industries. Alongside the wider Group, we have prepared for, installed and maintained cables for decades; we know the ocean floor better than virtually anyone else.

In 1850 our predecessors were centre stage in the evolution of what would become the telecoms and internet industry. They overcame extraordinary challenges to connect all corners of the globe, through innovation, grit and sheer determination, so that the extraordinary became ordinary. From the Eastern Telegraph Company in the 1800s through to the Global Marine Group of today, our desire to innovate and lead remains strong. We continue to deliver first-class solutions to the offshore renewables, oil and gas, and utilities sectors.

Working in partnership has always been at the core of how we work, using our expertise to deliver our customers’ goals. Our offshore and onshore teams are dedicated to building on the foundations of strong customer relationships and delivering a great service. Today the Global Marine Group is full of extremely capable, expert people, sharing a wealth of knowledge and constantly achieving excellence. That passion is evident in the entire team, as together we are committed to engineering a clean and connected future.

For more information on the Global Marine Group, including information about other parts of the business, our corporate policies and certifications please visit our group site.