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GeoCable® Data & Software

Over 2.8 million km of submarine cable data at your fingertips

A revolutionary submarine cable data set unrivalled elsewhere within the industry, affording you quick access to vast quantities of submarine cable data

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GeoCable® GIS Data

A wealth of subsea cable data at your fingertips
to safeguard systems long into the future

Detailed knowlegde of 97% of all fibre & 70% of power cables

World-leading GeoCable® GIS database, comprising over 2.6 million kilometers of cable

Access to over 6,000 historical cable faults, approximately 95% of all faults worldwide

Wealth of global experience and records management for over 150,000km of in-service cable systems

Access accurately mapped submarine cable routes

Gain layers of cable route information

GeoCable® GIS Data provides you with multiple types of cable data such as in-service and out-of-service fibre optic, out of service coaxial, telegraph and power cables.
Cable route information that has been compiled from numerous sources by Global Marine Group, during the course of its marine operations spanning the last 170 years. Recognised by installers, cable owners and governments as the de facto data set.

Bespoke cable data, no matter the scenario

Quick access to over 2.6 million kilometres of as-laid cable data
Access 97% of all fibre optic cables laid worldwide
Access 90% of global power cable data covering 30,000 kilometres, in both shallow and deep waters
Cable fault heat map that displays 6,000 historical global cable faults making it easy to identify areas of high fault rates
Accurate cable data for both small and large subsea projects
Recognised by installers, cable owners and governments as the de facto data set