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GeoCable® GIS Data

GIS Cable Fault Rate Heatmaps

Understanding the submarine cable landscape has never been as important as it is now. At OceanIQ®, we can now provide you with detailed fault rate heatmaps that outline the number of faults that can be expected on each kilometre of a cable, within a specific area, per year.

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Data & Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Utilising our cable database, analyse 6,000 historical global cable faults to easily identify areas of high fault rates, overall minimising system downtime

Plan new cables in the lowest fault rate areas

Make informed decisions to maintenance requirements based on historical trends

View fault density by cause such as fishing, anchoring or seismic activity

Plan efficiently with GIS data layers that provide an estimate number of faults per km of cable per year

Detailed Data Within Each Grid Area

The number of historical fibre optic faults
Maximum and minimum depth of the cable faults
Average depth of the cable faults
The number of kilometre years
Faults per kilometre per year
Faults per 1,000 kilometres per year
The number of different cable systems
The number of in and out of service fibre optic cables
The number of faults falling within territorial waters
The number of faults falling within contiguous zones
The number of faults falling within exclusive economic zones
Maritime boundaries overlap for areas where conflicting claims are made for the same area of sea

Safeguard Your Cable System

Streamline your subsea project with intelligent heatmap cable data

View Cable Location to Prevent Risks

Combine GeoCable® GIS Data with heatmaps, allowing you to understand the lowest fault rate areas and the optimum cable route

Cable Fault Prediction Service

We use our historic data and understanding of subsea cables to help predict where faults are most likely to occur.  This means you can target your maintenance to maximise your uptime.

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