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Group Annual Awards 2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020

We recently celebrated our annual awards to recognise some of the shining stars within our team right across the world.

From over 130 peer nominations, we announced the winners in each of the 11 categories.

Offshore Individual: John Gison

Chief Officer, John, was chosen at the winner in this category for his endless enthusiasm and energy onboard maintenance vessel the Cable Retriever, which has won the respect of his fellow officers and crew.

Onshore Individual: Nick Hillcoat

Marine Manager, Nick, was selected as the winner in this category for his critical –decision making and multi-tasking abilities, notably during the last few months which have tested everyone but particularly those supporting the fleet throughout Covid-19.

Offshore Team: Cable Retriever

Cable Retriever continues to be the busiest of our repair vessels and the team onboard have endless amounts of experience and knowledge which they use to complete successful repairs time and time again.

Onshore Team: IT

The IT team were named as onshore team winners for their work leading up to and during the recent pandemic, their work to get us ready for life in the cloud has been put to the ultimate test in the last few months and thanks to them we’ve stayed connected and productive.

Excellence & Capability: Liam McNeil

Project Engineer Liam was described as excelling from the moment he joined the business, with infectious enthusiasm and professionalism that have helped in the successful PLP240 trials, proving and building business for the tool in the future.

Innovation: Andy Newman

Engineering Manager Andy, was chosen as the winner of the Innovation award for his work developing and improving CWind’s CTV operations and driving solutions to reduce CO2 emissions across the industry.

Customer Focus: Janie Byrne

Proposals Engineer Janie, was selected as the winner in this category for her support in strengthening key customer relationships for Global Offshore, in particular nurturing new key accounts.

Commercial Focus: Craig Townsend

Buyer, Craig, was chosen as the winner in this category for his partnership working with internal customers to get the right commercial outcome with suppliers, often navigating challenging conversations.

Corporate Citizen: Dave Dunk

Jointing Instructor Dave is someone who effortlessly brings those around him on his enthusiastic journey for all things sport, wellbeing, fundraising and even unprompted motivational speeches, and more recently in his role as family liaison. 

Safety Champion: Derek Smith

Captain Derek Smith has been recognised as our Annual Safety Champion for his work when the Global Symphont was brought into the Group fleet in 2019.

Directors’ Choice: Craig Gibson

Chief Engineer Craig was nominated in multiple categories for this year’s awards, and after over 30 years with Global Marine has become a well-establised, well liked team member in our fleet.

Congratulations and thank you to all our winners, shortlisted colleagues and nominees this year.