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Prioritising project timescales & minimising environmental impacts  

Our live database detailing the unique permitting requirements and international, national and local legislation of all coastal nations ensures that we pre-empt permit obligations and keep customers well informed from the start of a project right through to the end, making the process as efficient as possible. 

In instances where the environmental assessment fails to address the local qualifying interests of particularly sensitive areas, licence applications can be postponed by the authorities or receive complex conditions that would hamper the project. Our team recognise the real risk associated with this, and work closely with the authorities to overcome regulatory conflicts. With our in-house knowledge and experience, OceanIQ strive to minimise unnecessary environmental restrictions prioritising project timescales. 

Meeting your exact needs 

OceanIQ’s permitting service is tailored to your exact needs. From provision of permitting input for desktop and cable route studies which outline requirements, identifying contacts and summarising initial steps, to supporting the client in obtaining necessary permits and managing the entire permitting scope for a marine project. This includes work for consortiums such as ACMA, SEAIOCMA and NAZ as well as private zone agreements and emergency cable maintenance permits.